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I am a manufacturer of plastic (PVC) stairways treads with security yellow band being asked if my product can be used on scape stairways(metal or concrete structures) in high or low rise buildings.My treads comply in excess w/NFPA 253 and 258 values.

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In fact , as far as I have revised,  certain materials with low levels of combustion  may be considered  non combustible material, as specified in the North Carolina State Code,  consideration which I will like to know if it is registered specifically in the NFPA 5000 or NFPA 101 codes or some other place within the NFPA Norms.

 For example ,in the United Kingdom: "a staircase that is enclosed throughout its height by a fire resisting structure and doors , can sometimes be considered a place of comparative safety. In these cases  the staircase can be known as a protected route." In addition , "composite materials may be considered non combustible if the material has a structural base of non combustible material, the combustible surfacing is not more than 0.125" thick, and the surfacing has a flame spread less than 50 when tested in accordance with ASTM  E84  "

 Many rules and construction codes of different countries specify that whenever or wherever  the codes are not specific regarding fire hazard, the NFPA codes will be mandatory on that concern.

Appreciating any comments to my  uncertainty, I remain 


Armando Chocano.

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