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Building Distance

Question asked by ehafner on Aug 29, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 29, 2017 by milt.werner

I had a question regarding the distance needed for a new building we’re looking at putting up near one of our manufacturing areas.


The new building will be of metal construction and the size is 35’x 25’x 12’. We would also like to put a protection canopy to go from the production building to the staging building to protect operators and containers from the weather. The canopy will also be of metal construction.


Nothing will be stored in the building or under the canopy. The buildings only purpose is to stage 55 gallon metal drums in preparation for filling.


Only combustibles in the building will be a few pallets.


We want to put this structure near one of our manufacturing areas that’s classified CLASS 1 DIV 1 and has flammables. I’m specifically trying to determine the distance the new building needs to be from the manufacturing area where as I will not need fire protection? This building will not be near any other structure.