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NFPA 25 Task Frequencies

Question asked by on Sep 5, 2017

NFPA 25 ed 2014 Chapter 3 Art. 3.7 - ITM Task frequencies.


I need a clarification on how you consider the minimum and maximum time between events.


1. In my building I am performing all my inspections starting on January 1st.

This year I had an issue performing the Semiannual test in the second quarter and therefore I applied Art. 3.7 and I performed ITM with the maximum time allowed - which is 8 months. 

Question: The ITM Task frequencies is referring to  inspections as each year starts and has nothing to do or involve the previous year of testing, correct? So, I don't have to calculate the frequency of Semiannual starting from last Semiannual - but starting from January 1st, correct? 


2. Art. shows that annual testing is occuring with a maximum of 15 months. Let's assume that I will need to extend my yearly inspection up to 15 months. In this way, instead of completing the annual ITM in December 2017 I can close it in March 2018. In this situation, will consider the whole cycle for following year from March 2018 and from there I will schedule everything forward.


Thank you