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Vertical Opening and Means of Egress

Question asked by rc.nason on Sep 18, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 21, 2017 by cdafd

Code edition evolved is Life Safety101, 2009.

I have an existing building, non- sprinkled and not fire alarmed, that has multiple business occupancies, no other occupancies involved. It is 2 stories in height and is a Type V (000) construction type. The building’s main entrance has a foyer with a stair located in the center of the building. On the first floor one of the occupancies would exit through the foyer, this would be a single exit and meets the 100’ of travel distance to the exterior. The other has other exiting and does not at this time exit though the foyer. The 2nd floor has one tenant it has two exits, though they don’t meet the requirements of remoteness or that if one becomes blocked the other is available. The back stair would not work for the travel distance for certain areas on this floor thus exiting on the front stair and Foyer needs to be used for the 2nd floor. So I believe I need to look at each stair as a single exit for the certain areas that they would apply. The occupant load for the 2nd floor is 29 occupants. The existing foyer stair is enclosed at the top with rated wall and door assemblies. I was originally looking at this stair and foyer as an exit, with enclosing and rating it as an exit enclosure with providing all openings into the enclosure with rated assemblies. As I researched this further I believe I would not have to do this per and where the stair is protected at the top, the foyer is not acting as an exit enclosure but is part of a means of egress. does not say that it can’t be used as a means of egress, just that it can’t be used as an exit enclosure. Travel distances have been calculated to the front door and are ok. By considering, this would alleviate having to add an exit for the one first floor occupancy that uses the foyer for exiting. Because states the exit cannot be used by any other floor.

Have I analyzed this correctly by using I can use the stair and foyer as a means of egress, more like a corridor rather than an exit and not have to rate all opening that enter it. Again this is Existing Business and corridor protection is not required per 39.3.6