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What is my Occupancy Group?

Question asked by cnewton on Sep 19, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 28, 2017 by cdafd

I have applied for a permit to connect a prefabricated, pre-wired shed to the electrical panel in an adjacent building. I classified the shed as U based on the fact that it is a shed. However the AHJ disagrees (but has not advised what the occupancy should be). We are in PA using IBC 2009 with modifications.


Now I need to also say that this is a concession stand located about 50 feet from the bleachers in an open air foot ball stadium. It has a total gross area of 96 square feet and 30 net. Occupants are two employees. It has two exits. It is unheated and uninsulated. 


The concessions will include hot and cold beverages, hot and cold food. All food cooking and prep is done elsewhere. Equipment includes 2 soda coolers and 5 warming trays. Lighting.


In regards to classifying the occupancy of this structure. 302.1 states “ Where a structure is proposed for a purpose that is not specifically provided for in this code, such structure shall be classified in the group that the occupancy most nearly resembles, according to the fire safety and relative hazard involved.

Clearly concession stands that are free standing are not enumerated in the code. So at first blush Occupancy U which specifically lists “sheds” should be the use group. However since sheds are not intended to be an occupied structure we must look elsewhere. The next possibility is the serving of food which would put this in the realm of Assembly Group A. The exception to that is occupancy less than 50 of which this building is an occupancy of 2. These structures shall be classified as use group B.


The problem is the AHJ says this has to meet all of the requirements of a building from footings to bathrooms and all things in between. This is not the first time someone has used a shed to serve food, so what am I missing?