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Question asked by asila on Sep 19, 2017


I have 7 question I need answer for it I am using NFPA 101 2015 edition 

1- what can be classified as normally unoccupied area in NFPA 101: 7.13 

Dose electrical room qualified for example ?

2- Treatment of open stair in NFPA 101, if travel distance is compliance while travelling open stair is that acceptable, compliance??

3- Dose electrical room fall under section 8.7 special hazard therfore require to be fire rated? is there exact definition of electrical room?

For Example room of equipment more than 600 volts or 1000 ampere ets?

4- a horizontal sliding door with automatic open function (as per attattched pic) in the event of alarm constitute as acceptable means of egress? NFPA did not state this clearly



5- stair pressurization is required for high rise building, is this applicable to all stair within high rise building even when the stair only connect 3 level??

6- in relation to NFPA 101 clause, it say that exit shall not be through kitchen, store etc; and lockable room; is it ok to exit via car park or plant room????

7- Light well treatment ? is it an atrium or a shaft or courtyard?? (Technically it is not any of them)