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Sprinkler/In-Rack Protection for Rack Storage

Question asked by bwsenkbeil on Sep 28, 2017
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Bob Senkbeil Asked:

I have client that is adding a Warehouse expansion to there building within this expansion is an Rack Storage area. The client would like to store Metal parts in an open-top plastic container/tote. The storage is 28 feet high, open grate racks and the roof deck is 35 feet high. I reviewed both 2013 & 2016 Chapters 16 & 17 and both indicate that the Protection of open-top containers shall be considered outside the scope  - See Section C.12. of those Chapters. I am unable to find anything in the other Chapters that address Storage in NFPA 13 that address this. Could you provide clarification or direction as to where I should proceed to determine the Design Criteria/Density and In-Rack requirements.


Note: Section C.12 in NFPA 2010 had a additional line that said the following: Installation of in-rack sprinkler or an increase in ceiling sprinkler density should be considered.