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AHJ (Authority Having Jurisdiction) for a company located in Eastern Europe, Turkey

Question asked by pkayrak on Sep 28, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 3, 2017 by dante.saldivia

Hello all, 


I'm a Technical Research Engineer working at EAE,a company located in Istanbul, Turkey. We have Cable Tray Systems that we recently updated/created their Electrical Code Manual based on National Electrical Code - NFPA 70. We would like to get the Manual approved/NFPA 70-listed but we are having difficulties finding the correct AHJ.


We got in touch with the U.S Department of State, Bureau of Overseas Buildings Operations but they informed us that they didn't take action on approvals and advised us to contact NFPA. 


I would appreciate if anyone could guide us through necessary steps to contact suitable AHJ for the NFPA-70 approval.