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Can one expect to see foam solution from a 2 1/2" test port off a 8" riser?

Question asked by robin.simms on Oct 7, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 8, 2017 by cdafd

We recently conducted a proportioner test on a foam-water deluge sytems where the system has a designed 2 1/2" test port off a 8" riser main.  The BPP proportioner is expected to provide 3% proportioning rate at a minimum flow rate of 1600 liters/min.  The deluge system demand is 1641 gpm at 85.6psi.  The system test configuration provided a flange assembly just after the 2 1/2" test port so blinds could be installed to prevent foam from being released inside the building.  After running the system at the foam system manufacturer recommend run time of 1 minute, no foam product was realised out of the 2 1/2" test port; same result with a 3 minute and 5 minute run time.  Should the test port/ configuration be sized to match the 8" mains in order to test the proportioner properly as to allow the proportioner to be supplied with the minimum flow rate of 1600liters/min?