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Requirement of Bund Walls and Impermeable Flooring for Fuel Facility / Depot

Question asked by masiddiqui on Oct 8, 2017

I am working with an organization that deals with into fueling operation at multiple airports in Sauadi Arabia. we have more than 20 location where we operate fuel depots. at some of the locations, despite of having bund walls, the tank farm areas are not equipped with impermeable flooring. We are working on plans to have the tank farm, loading / unloading areas and parking areas to have impermeable flooring to avoid any contamination to the ground.

Moreover, because of the quantum of operation, at some locations, we are also having a temporary facility where there is no tank farm area and the entire operation is being done thru re-fuellers / trailers as a primary storage facility.

Could you please guide me the requirement of having a bunded area as well as impermeable flooring with respect to fire protection code.