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AFSA is seeking Fire Protection Engineer

Question asked by nduvall on Oct 10, 2017

The American Fire Sprinkler Association, the nation's largest fire sprinkler trade association based in Dallas, Texas, is looking for an individual to join our team.  We are currently seeking an engineer with extensive sprinkler experience.  If you have 5-plus years of sprinkler-related experience and good communication skills, you may qualify to join us.  The successful candidate will have a detailed understanding of the primary NFPA standards and the ability to explain these criteria. This position will report to Senior Vice President of Engineering Roland Huggins, PE. For more details on this exciting opportunity, please visit


The American Fire Sprinkler Association supports and influences the sprinkler industry by working on NFPA technical committees, teaching and training to broad audiences, and providing informal interpretations on critical issues.  If you would like to join a team that has helped shape the industry for 35 years, we encourage you to send your resume to and please include the subject line: "Technical Services".