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Fire Protection system for Cryogenic Tank

Question asked by pulak on Oct 13, 2017

Please advise about requirements of Water Spray System for Large double walled Cryogenic Tanks.

The 61 m dia x 18.6 m (internal shell dimensions) high dome roofed Tank is insulated. The inner shell is made of 22/18/15/12/10 mm thickness. The insulation thickness is 1 m. 

Outer shell is 63 m dia x 20 m . It is of 28/24/21/18/17 mm thickness.

Dome ht is 11.15m .& is insulated. Dome thickness is 10 mm. Dome is about 50 m radius.

Operating Platform starts at 24 m EL

The vessel is proposed to be protected with Tower mounted Water Monitors and Hydrants for Outer shell.

Platform at Roof will be protected with Water Spray system as per NFPA 15.

Is anything further  needed for outer shell ?

Pulak De ( Mem 160780)