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Angle / Directional change of a fire exit step

Question asked by hkcet2004 on Oct 15, 2017
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Is there any limitations to the degree of turn/angle of the fire exit steps/stairway that connects to external pathway/outside area. Have not found any information in NFPA 101.


In one of my industrial manufacturing building project, We have constructed a exit stairway and last part of the stair around 3 nos of step is angled to the horizontal that connects the sidewalk with an intermediate landing. However all the three steps are parallel with uniform tread width of 310 mm without any winder. 


The local fire and emergency approval body / authority has no such objection on the angled stairway. Also, I have gone throug NFPA 101 and NFPA 101B. All these standards talks about the dimensional uniformity of stairways, does not allow winders , suggests uniform dimensions of the tread etc.. I have not found any specific clause detailing on directional change of stairway and the design consideration therein!


Request, if the technical members can advise whether such angled exit stairway is OK from safety view point. Also, would be of much help if the statement can be reinforced with some relevant clause of NFPA.


Thanks !!!