Bonding Cable's

Discussion created by jdugger on Oct 17, 2017

I'm working on an incident in an aerosol manufacturing facility. The following question has nothing to do with the incident. However while doing a quick walk through from the incident area, I noticed a bonding/grounding technique, that I believe isn't correct.


The company uses the clamps from battery jumper cables as the attachment device between portable tanks containing Class 1 flammable liquids and the building. If I recall correctly somewhere I have read/seen or been told these are not an acceptable method of bonding/grounding in a class 1 div 1 atmosphere.


I have looked in numerous locations to include NFPA 77 specifically annex G, I see nothing that leads me to believe the jumper cable clamps are an acceptable attachment device is this conclusion correct? However I find nothing that states it isn't.

I'm convinced I have read somewhere this isn't acceptable.