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Looking for engineering firms with experience using FEA to analyze equipment for explosion resistance.

Question asked by pd1122 on Oct 17, 2017

In parallel with my other question about a design approach when Kst and dP/dt max are not known (thread 33670), we are looking for engineering firms with experience in using finite element analysis (FEA) to analyze industrial processing equipment for resistance to explosions.


As mentioned in thread 33670, we are an OEM of industrial processing equipment such as crushers, mills, and feeders.  We often quote and supply equipment for use with combustible materials such as coal.  Occasionally, our customers request that our equipment have some level of reduced-level explosion resistance, e.g. explosion vents or some other measure will be used to reduce the full force of an explosion to some level of Pred.  The customer wants our equipment to maintain its structural integrity if a reduced-level explosion occurs.


We would appreciate any information on firms that have experience in this area.  Thank you.