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Two Story Building How Many Risers Are Required

Question asked by cfjenkins on Oct 20, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 26, 2017 by lozmun

If a fire sprinkler system is installed in a two story building with each floor at 50,000 square feet meaning the entire building is 100,000 square feet if all floors are combined, how many floor control assembles are required per NFPA 13 2016? I ask this question due to NFPA 13 2013 section stating a conflicting section to refer to such as and in NFPA 13 2016 edition section states additional floor control assembles are required if all floors combined exceed the system area of limitations meaning 52,000 square feet for a light hazard space per NFPA 13 2016 sec 8.2.1.


Asking for two answers to two questions

1. Are multiple floor control assembles required if the combined square footage exceeds 52,000 per NFPA 13 2016

2. Has this always been the intent in NFPA 13 per section 8.2.1 for previous editions and now clarified for better understanding in NFPA 13 2016 edition