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using feeder taps in RV Parks

Question asked by wbculleysr on Oct 23, 2017

I'm inspecting an RY Park with 20 sites .

Each has a 50A 120/240 30A 120 and 20A GFI Recepticle with in and out lugs and breakers.

There are 2 400A Service disconnects.

One has 2 200A feeder circuits

The other 1 200A feeder circuit and 1 60A for the sewerage system.

I have asked for a schematic showing by site number which sites are on which feeder.

I opened several sites randomly and found 4/0 AL feeders to and from the in/out site boxes.

But on the far end he reduced the feeder size to #3 AL for the last site .

The site 50A breaker would protect the conductor on the load side/

? Could this be considered a legal tap over 25 feet for this application ?

I have studied this all very carefully and its not very clear where taps can and can't be used.