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Adding generator to nursing home

Question asked by scampbell on Oct 25, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 27, 2017 by cdafd

Is it possible to add a generator to a long term care facility (nursing home) without it being a type II system containing life safety and critical branches?  Here's the reasoning for the question...



Adding a type II generator system would require extensive rewiring throughout the building in order to break out the two branches.  Having to spend all of that money on rewiring would cause us to install a smaller generator that does just enough to meet the code.


I was hoping that if we installed a generator large enough to carry the whole building we could avoid it having to be type II.    That way we simply tie it in with the switch gear and move on down the road.  This would be much better for the patients, but I fear the code requirements will force us into installing a type II system, which will result in a smaller generator due to budget reasons.