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My question is about NFPA 101 chapter 10 section on fire retardant coatings on wood placed on type "x" gyb walls.  The version of the NFPA 101 is the 2012 edition.

Question asked by mgiessen on Nov 1, 2017
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Fire retardant coating

In reading the code section, it is our determination that if we are to use a wood material applied to the surface of a type "x" gyp board wall in a type 1B - (Sprinkler) construction type in an assembly use group with the fire retardant coating in the link, the wood can be used as an interior finish on walls.  We are going for a class A rating.  The product is a clear coating intumescent coating that can be applied on any wood product to achieve the passing test results for a class A material when applied per the manufacturer's instructions and specifications. It will be applied by a certified applier and the coated wood would be delivered on site and installed.  The fire retardant testing from the fire retardant coating manufacturer was based on using the coating on douglas fir.  The test results meet the (a), (b), and (c) which is now known as the ASTM 2768 test.  We will have this coating applied on a different wood species (hickory).  Do we need to have this species now tested with this coating?  Is it the intent of the code to have every species of wood tested as an "assembly" to be listed and labeled to show compliance or is the testing on the actually coating the intent of the code?  I have noticed that though the 2012 edition uses "assembly" in, the 2015 has revised it to read as "product".  Clarification would be greatly appreciated.