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Rubber Tire Storage NFPA 2010 Chapter 18       

Question asked by samverabennett on Nov 2, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 2, 2017 by cdafd

I have a Existing metal building 100 ft. by 120 ft., consisting of four 30 ft. x 100 ft. bays

Eave heights are 23 ft. 11 in. and peak is 26 ft. 

Owner wants sprinkler designed for rubber tire storage on side 10 ft. high.

FL. under  NFPA 13  2010 edition

Hose of 750 gpm.

Use table 18.4(a), 1(a) Over 5' to 12'  .30 density for 2500 sq.ft. (see note 1). 

Note (1) Sprinkler discharge densities and areas of application are based on an maximum clearance of 10 ft.

between sprinkler deflectors and the maximum height of storage anticipated. 

Storage of 10 ft. and eave height of 26' deflector 1' down. deflector at 25 ft. and storage at 10 ft

leaves me a distance of 15 ft. between deflector and top of storage.


Question Do I use (1)(b) and increase density to .60 for storage over 12 ft and up to 18 ft.?


Or is there table for increasing density for distance between storage height deflector?