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What is acceptable hanger spacing in respect with NFPA 13

Question asked by amignault on Nov 6, 2017
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NFPA 13 states : Hangers shall be designed to support five times the weight of the water-filled pipe plus

250 lb (115 kg) at each point of piping support.


Spec sheets from the pipe ring manifacturer indicates the maximum load for their product. For instance, ANVIL fig 69 pipe ring is rated at 300 lbs for a 1 in pipe ring. The spec sheet clearly states : ''Tapped Per NFPA Standards''


I will calculate spacing for a 1 in schedule 40 pipe (water-filled weight is 2.05 lbs/ft)


Pipe ring max load = (5 x water-filled weight x spacing) +250 lbs

300 lbs = (5 x 2.05 x spacing) + 250 lbs


Resulting spacing is 4.88 ft.


It seems crazy to ask for pipe support every 4ft10in, especially since NFPA 13  table says maximum distance between hangers is 12 ft for 1 in pipe.


It would be much appreciated if someone could tell me what is it I dont get!