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Question asked by thjart on Nov 13, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 13, 2017 by cdafd
As per NFPA Codes and Standards 1901 - and 15-9.3-2.1, requires the rear of the apparatus at least 50% in a chevron pattern in red and yellow or yellow-green. 
The issue we have is who is responsible for the installation of the chevron?
We are a letterer and decorator of fire apparatus and we have been given conflicting information about the manufacturing and installation of chevrons. We have been told by some customers that they are told it must be done at the factory, others have said it can be done by a local dealer. Which is it?
The reason I ask, is some fire companies have asked us for price quotes on manufacturing and installing a chevron. Sometimes, our quote is significantly less than what the apparatus manufacturers are charging to be produced in the factory. Some of these fire companies are feeling like they are being told it must be done in the factory just so these manufacturers can charge more to install a chevron. 
We understand that the chevron is a requirement of fire apparatus (we are not disputing that), but it's our understanding that the apparatus is considered a commercial vehicle not a piece of fire apparatus when it leaves the factory for the local dealer. Hence, it would not be subject to the NFPA Codes and Standards (it would be subject to DOT Rules and Regulations) until the fire company puts the apparatus into service. 
We are just looking for clarification so we can explain it to our customers.