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Class IIIB chemicals requirements for loading and unloading bulk tank

Question asked by mkambod on Nov 9, 2017


I have a question regarding the requirement for code under IFC 5706.5 about loading and unloading the tanker truck for our chemicals classed as IIIB materials only, I found on the codes that Class IIIA or Class III and Class II must stay off (away) 15 ft off the building for loading and unloading bulk tank for these class materials, however I did not see any IIIB mentioned there and we have this new place that we can not stay off the building 15ft but we do have a truck well that we can load and unload but City is telling us that Class IIIB falls in Class III so we have to comply with that requirements, can anyone help to see if there is an exclusion on these codes and does Class IIIB fall in this regulation or any other advise that can help us since we have no option to stay away 15 ft from building for loading and unloading. Thank you so much for your help. mkambod