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Are PurpleK fire extinguishers required on airport equipment?

Question asked by leigh.hoey on Nov 15, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 5, 2019 by hendfireep

I am with an airline in Canada and the fire prevention officer in 1 of our locations has advised we must change all of our ABC portable fire extinguishers mounted on mobile equipment to Purple K type. The individual is referring to NFPA-410 as the basis for this requirement. We have reviewed NFPA-410 and see nothing in this document indicating Purple K extinguishers are required on our equipment. Can you advise if there is anything in NFPA indicating we must have Purple K or anything indicating we must not use ABC extinguishers on mobile airport equipment? This 1 location represents over 100 portable extinguishers and we have 42 other locations to consider as well so would really like to understand requirements before acting. Thanks in advance.

Leigh Hoey

GSE Manager