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Does anyone have a 'Junior Fire Patrol' program?

Question asked by cspencer on Nov 20, 2017

Hello -

I am an AmeriCorp VISTA working with the Waynesville Rural Fire Protection District.  I'm working to expand our K-2nd fire prevention and awareness program to K-5th, year-round, and am looking to implement a 'Junior Fire Patrol' for fifth graders.  Basically, they would meet once a month at the fire station, and get hands-on lessons about how to use a fire extinguisher, how to call 911, home safety, etc..  I'm also hoping to have local educators or professionals give presentations on electricity and electricity safety, combustion demonstrations - things like that. 


I'd like the JFP to present some of their lessons to the younger kids at school (with FF support), to help remind the school about 'testing Tuesdays', and to be involved in local community gatherings, like our 'Christmas on the Square' and similar.


If anyone out there has a program something like this in place, I would welcome some feedback, ideas, or just general information on how the program was started and how successful it's been.


Thank you!


C. Spencer