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Stairwell application question

Question asked by Mike Crall on Nov 19, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 20, 2017 by Milton Werner

Stairwell clarification...


Hospital with 11 floors, doors only meet a 45 minute eating. Do the doors need replacing, to meet 90 minute requirement, or do the doors with a 45 minute rating meet the requirements of Chapter 19? According to NFPA 101-2012...


Means of Egress states you need a minimum of 2 hr. rating for 4 or more stories.


Fire protection - Vertical openings 

8.6.5 (3) Existing enclosures in existing buildings... the barriers are to meet 1/2 hour requirements, which 45 minute doors are acceptable. If... a door needs to be replaced, the new door would need to meet a 90 minute rating, per: 8.6.5 (1).


Existing Healthcare Where enclosure is provided, the construction shall have not less than a 1-hour fire resistance rating.


Looking for clarification... which approach should be taken.