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Nameplate Data FLC Calculation

Question asked by howe.donald on Nov 29, 2017

How do you officially calculate full-load current (FLC) for Machine Nameplate Data as outlined by NFPA 79 - Article 16.4.1?


Applying motor current ratings correctly in this calculation seems to be the root of confusion for a lot of people.  I've read many forum posts, and it seems common practice that equipment FLC is calculated by adding the FLA of each motor (not FLC as determined by NEC table(s) 430.247 - 430.251).


I think many people mistakenly refer to FLC as FLA for equipment nameplate ratings.


I believe the FLC value for motors should be used in determining equipment nameplate ratings, as this value FLC is what electricians, applying NEC code, would theoretically use to size their supply conductors and feeder/branch protections when the equipment arrives on site.


Please help me settle this debate.  Thank you!