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Breaking windows in high-rises

Question asked by fdclark2 on Nov 30, 2017
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For new high-rises, IBC 403.4.7 discusses smoke removal (post fire) and identifies 2 exceptions to requiring manually operated windows. The 2nd exception; "windows shall be permitted to be fixed provided that glazing can be cleared by firefighters" is difficult to make real practical sense of.


Does anyone have incite to share on some of my questions?

  • Entire 17 story building is covered in glass veneer.
    • How can I be sure the windows will break?
    • Does any on know a standard for marking a window designed to be broken?
    • Does anyone know a standard specifications of windows as part of a high-rise ventilation system?
    • Are these 5'x12' glass panels even considered windows? yes made of glass but I would consider them a floor to ceiling glass wall/veneer not a window. 
    • I have seen examples of such systems in older buildings where the glass was truly a window but no example of current or modern glass covered buildings. Anyone seen such examples?
    • Any articles written on post-fire high-rise ventilation?