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Does a portable generator that supplies receptacles which are built into mobile equipment need to be Grounded?

Question asked by hornetd on Dec 4, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 17, 2018 by vanclevector

An organization I am a part of is building a very small electrical system into a trailer.  That system will consist of in inlet connection to accept the supply, a short run of conduit, and a double gang box with two duplex receptacles.  With the generator not mounted in or on the trailer, supplying the receptacles through a flanged inlet, via an extension cord Fifty or more feet in length,  Does 250.30 apply or does 250.34 apply?  The generator in question may be supplying other equipment at the same time which is all cord & plug connected and would normally come under 250.34.  Does connecting the generator to the electrical cord inlet of mobile equipment put us back into 250.30. 


Second question:  Does the NEC apply to AC wiring systems which are added to mobile equipment such as vehicles and trailers? 



Tom Horne