Should every fire department have a risk management plan in writing?

Discussion created by cfloyd Employee on Dec 5, 2017
The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) is currently developing a Guide for Structural Fire Fighting. This guide addresses fundamental knowledge of fire dynamics in structures to help identify strategy and tactics supported by science-based research for effective and safe firefighting.    
The current draft recommends every department should have a risk management plan in writing. [NFPA 1700: 9.8] Fire service opinions vary on the need for a risk management plan, specifically for fire ground operations.  
9.8 Risk Management Plan. Every department should have a risk management plan in writing. The combined processes of understanding of risk management, pre-arrival factors, and on-scene factors will drive the decision of the initial declaration of strategy by the first arriving unit. The constant evaluation of the incident and all factors could possible change the strategy of the incident depending on the changes. (See NFPA 1500.)
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