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NFPA 1983

Question asked by kureus on Dec 6, 2017

We just had some rescue equipment delivered from CMC Rescue. Their ISO 9001 certification is dated 2008 and there has since been a 2015 issued. The manufacturer’s data states that it is compliant with NFPA 1983 2012 edition and there has since been a 2017 issued with an effective date plus 12 months of 1 December 2017. Below is the email that I sent the company. The equipment in question was manufactured on 2 October 2017 and cut to length on 25 October 2017. Two questions: 1) Does the companies lack of updated certifications, sent with the equipment, prohibit putting it in service??? 2) Is it the intent of the code to remove any equipment from service that doesn’t have the NFPA 1983 2017 certification attached???  Attached is the email that I sent CMC Rescue. Thanks for your time.