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Technical Questions (Lever Operated Ball Valves / bend pipes / hydrants / hose racks)

Question asked by omar.dargham on Dec 7, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 7, 2017 by randy.walker

  1. Can Lever Operated Ball Valves be considered and used / installed as "Indicating Valves" such as OS&Y gate valves ?
  2. Can Lever Operated Ball Valves be used / installed on a 2.5"landing valve of an outside fire hydrant ?
  3. Can Lever Operated Ball Valves be used / installed on a 1.5" hose rack ?
  4. Can Lever Operated Ball Valves be used / installed on both sides of the branch line in a grid sprinkler system loop to isolate it for maintenance or cutoff the water on the activated sprinklers to cut down physical loses due to water and can it be applied to a tree sprinkler system branch line ?
  5. Can i bend pipes to form the warehouse ceiling angle to cut down the pressure loses and cut back the elbows ? 
  6. Can a 1.5"landing valve be used for an outside fire hydrant ?
  7. can i use 2 x 2.5" hoses on a 2.5 " outside hydrant ?


these questions are for an industrial area , looking to find these points in the codes and in a technical and find a solution for each .


Thank you