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NFPA-13 - are sprinklers required under 4 ft staircase?

Question asked by mfortin on Dec 13, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 16, 2017 by f.maxime

Good afternoon,


I have a question about the interpretation of the articles for the staircase. It is said that we have to provide a sprinkler on top of the stairway shaft, and one under the first intermediate landing.


On another way, in each section of chapter 8 (for each kind of sprinkler head), it is asked to install a sprinkler under a 4ft of more obstruction.


My question: Even if I have a non-combustible stairway, do I have to install sprinkler under each landing (main and intermediate) if they have more than 4 ft or because of it is not required?


Note: I saw in sections and that it is required under residential stairway. My question is more about high-rise building for offices.

I'm currently using NFPA-13 2013.