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NFPA 11 vs NFPA 16 - Fuel Tank for Emergency Diesel Generator

Question asked by jakewroth on Jan 5, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 17, 2018 by vanclevector

When looking at supplying a foam suppression system for an outdoor emergency diesel generator fuel tank (generator is located in a building with Wet Pipe), which of the NFPA 11 and NFPA 16 is the applicable code, and which contains the appropriate design values?

So far, I've found the following inforamtion.  NFPA 16 will indicate a minimum application rate of 0.16gpm/sqft. ( over a total area of 5000 sqft. (  The tank and concrete pad are about 500 sqft.  The tank is roughly 5 ft x 15 ft and will be located under a utility structure (~car port) with a containment curb.  5000 sqft seems way to large, producing 800 gpm of water usage.  Can the 'coverage' area be evaluated in any other manner?


What about NFPA 11?  I don't think the low expansion foam section is applicable to the design, but that seems to take most of the 'meat' out of NFPA 11.


Any clarifications or help would be much appreciated.