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PREMIX or WATER for oil

Question asked by perso.ebischoff on Jan 4, 2018
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I saw a sprinkler system with only water for an identified oil risk (lubricating oil). Quite weird, no? The identified risk concerns oil contained in a pump. This pump circulates a fluid at high temperatures. I'm not sure, but it should be about 20 liters.

1) Do we have to use WATER+EMULSOR or WATER only is OK?


Moreover (I take advantage of the generous soul who will be able to answer the previous question) :

2) Is there a minimum oil quantity threshold from which a sprinkler system is necessary?

3) What is the required spray density for oil risk?

4) What is the surface to consider : the entire room, the retention or the projected pump surface on the floor?


I would like to thank in advance the person who can answer me.


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