Sleepovers in Gymnasiums

Discussion created by sleatherman on Jan 8, 2018
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I would like to know how others are addressing large group sleepovers in college and school Gyms and other large assembly rooms.  1 & 101 seem to by default drop this into dormitories however Chapter 29 really does not speak to having 200+ kids sleeping in a large assembly type room like a gym.  We are running into this with summer band and cheer-leading camps held a local colleges and high schools.  We recently learned of an upcoming event where a college is intending on housing upwards of 300 band kids in sleeping bags in an old gymnasium that does not have a sprinkler or alarm system.  Using the 200sqft per person I can certainly restrict them to 40 people in their 8,000sqft gym but I envision political pressure and some sort of compromise having to be reached.  If anyone has dealt with something similar I would appreciate you sharing how you addressed it, the good, the bad and any lessons learned.  Thank you!