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Life Safety Code - Walkable Ceilings

Question asked by eric.snyder on Jan 10, 2018
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Life Safety Code - Walkable Ceilings


I have a question on the marking of exits above a workspace - on a walkable ceiling.  Our facility has a clean room where people work, it meets all life safety code requirements.  Up above the clean room is a ceiling and above that a lot of ductwork and wiring.  Access to this equipment is sometimes required, so we've made this space weight bearing.  We have put ladders and stairs to this space to allow workers to safely enter.


Workers need to access the "walkable ceiling" space to do repairs. The space is restricted with duct work; to access the space, you have to crawl over, under and around equipment.  A question came up about exit signs in this space.  It is not possible to create a clear pathway or to make exit signs viewable from all areas.  As a utility space, not normally occupied, what would the code require?  Access to this space is absolutely required during system repairs.


Thanks very much for your consideration,

Eric Snyder