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NFPA Guest Speaker sought for meeting in Orlando

Question asked by tbisanti on Jan 9, 2018
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My name is Tom Bisanti and I am the VP of Sales For Bogen Communications Inc.  In March of 2018 i am planning a sales meeting at our Orlando offices and would like to hire a speaker with an NFPA background (possibly a NICET 3 or 4) to address our group for about 3 hours and educate us in sales as to how NFPA 72 affects us in our world.  i would like to reach someone in the Tampa or Orlando area.  Am looking at the morning of March 9 from 830am to 1130a.  If you are interested and you have the credentials that will fit this bill, please call me at 201 317 7488.  Some of the topics i am trying to cover are: 

            What is NFPA72.

            How does it relate to any UL categories.

            How does it affects what we do at Bogen now:


                        Emergency Mass Notification Systems (EMNS)

                        Low Voltage / Audio Industry

                        How does it impact our traditional customer base: Schools, Manufacturing, US Govt Facilities, Warehousing, Call Centers,

                        Hospitals, Vacation & Leisure (IE Universal, Disney, Etc)

Is there anything we should consider when engineering new products such as Amplifiers, Speakers, Control Units that are tied to telephone switches, etc.

What do you see happening in the next 5 years in re to NFPA and its overall impact on the above.

Who is driving what is behind NFPA 72: Fire Alarm, Security, Safety, Low Voltage market, High Voltage market, etc.

Tom Bisanti