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Antifreeze in ESFR sprinkler (NFPA 13)

Question asked by seb.nowak0 on Jan 11, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 2, 2018 by joshlewellen

Gratings to all,


I would like in beginning, to all community of NFPA Xchange wish everything good and Happy New Year!


A few words of explanation, currently in my company we plan to install sprinklers system in warehouse of finish goods. Designer propose antifreeze system because ambient temperature can fall below 0 C degrees. In general, it sound very good, warehouse of finish goods is cold type not heated. But.... 


I know from point 7.6. that in ESFR sprinklers antifreeze can be used only in Listed sprinklers. I know that Viking provide such a sprinklers but what can be read in specification is that it is limited to Commodity Classification II or less. I attach file of sprinkler head.


Storage arrangement is mix of plastic and wood pallets (assume 50% of plastic to wood) with non burning goods (cans made from metal), there is 4 pallets one over another with carton/plastic layers (14 layers for one pallet as separators), some of the pallets wrapped with plastic foil lets say 25% of warehouse.


In my assessment commodity class will be higher than Class II and such a sprinkler is not in accordance with NFPA13. I would like to ask do I think right?


Second questions do you maybe know ESFR sprinkler for cold system (antifreeze) to use in higher commodity class than II? Do you maybe have some advice regarding the system?


Best regrds