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Fenced parking lot as emergency egress location - fire evacuation, but what about active shooter?

Question asked by Bonnie Wisniewski on Jan 18, 2018
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Bonnie Wisniewski

This is in followup to a question I asked during Gregory Harrington's Balancing Life Safety and Security NFPA Live presentation. My question during the live event wasn't clear, as I was typing while listening. I have clients with fenced emergency assembly areas (usually back parking lot) that require key pad or card to get out of fenced area. The fenced area is not a public way. The ped gate may take one back towards the building that is on fire or where another emergency is happening. Is there allowances for, during a fire evacuation if not egress to a public way, occupants can get a certain distance from the building (e.g., fenced area cannot be too small)? Also, what about evacuating into a fenced parking lot when there is a shooter chasing them out? Do you think NFPA 3000 will look at this? Thanks -gharrington