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Maximum allowed travel distance

Question asked by jepeterson on Jan 25, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 8, 2018 by rfdacm02

Concerning the International Building Code (and NFPA 101) for a Business Occupancy.  I have an architect that spaced exit doors in a large, single story, unsprinklered open space based on adding together the common path of travel first and then the maximum allowed travel distance.  I tried to explain that this is not the way it works.  Maximum allowed travel distance is determined by starting at the most remote point in the space and measuring to the nearest exit.  I measured about 300 feet to reach the closest exit door.  IBC (2015 edition) Table 1017.2 allows 200 ft maximum.

The architect was adamant that you begin with the first 100 ft of common path allowed by Table 1006.2.1, and then add the 200 ft allowed by max. travel distance.  Please confirm that common path of travel and maximum allowed travel distance are not added together