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Residential Exit/Means of Egress

Question asked by estudios on Jan 31, 2018
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We have designed a 5 story residential apartment building that has open parking on the ground floor beneath the building.  The parking is in a "U" pattern in the center of the "U" is the building core that has a 5' sidewalk between the cars and the building, 2 stairs 1 that leads directly to the outside (no cars present) and one that exits thru the parking area.  The building is fully sprinklered with a fire alarm system.  I used  the 2012 Life Safety Code Chapter 30, 30.1.3 multiple Occupancies, section  Both residential and parking are classified as ordinary hazard.


I am looking for confirmation that the 2nd stair will be allowed to exit through the parking. As shown in the attached sketches and Life Safety sheet.