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Based on the following, NO floor mounted boxes are allowed in Recreational Vehicles.  Is this correct?

Question asked by robtx on Feb 5, 2018
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For a motorhome manufactured January, 2015. NFPA 70, 2014 applies.


Article 551 covers Recreational Vehicles. Article 551.47 covers Wiring Methods. Article 551.47 (E) Mounting states “Wall and ceiling boxes shall be mounted in accordance with Article 314.”


There is no mention of mounting boxes on floors, 551 Except for III. Other Power Sources 551.30 Generator Installations (E) Supply Conductors.


Good point.


There are two junction boxes on floor under kitchen cabinet that connect the flexible cables entering the slide out to nonmetallic cable used inside the slide area. They are partially under the sink, and under kitchen drawers were stuff can fall out of the drawers when bouncing down the road. The area also contains sink drain hose, water hoses with connections, water valves, connection to ice maker, and a flexible propane hose. Many are routed through a slot in the floor, and move as the slide goes in and out


Seemed like a good idea to move the junction boxes.


Started looking at the code for guidance and found no authorization for floor mounted junction boxes, or any floor mounted boxes in motor homes. Just wall and ceiling.

Is there any provision for installing junction boxes on the floor of motor homes? I could not find one.