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Refrigerator explodes

Question asked by sdube on Feb 7, 2018
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Has anyone come across this in a fire investigation:


LONDONDERRY — Officials say a refrigerator is the likely source of a two-alarm garage fire Tuesday evening in Londonderry.


Crews arrived around 5:36 p.m. at 19 Chandler Drive to find a fully involved structure fire in a standalone garage, but the flames had not yet reached the main residence.


Battalion Chief Jim Roger said a small explosion preceded the fire at the scene, which is in eastern Londonderry off High Range Road.


“The refrigerator that was in the garage area had exploded, and then other (items), one vehicle that was parked in the garage, was involved,” he said.


“(Inspectors) suspected the refrigerator, being out in the cold in the garage … there was some expansion and contraction, which caused a leak,” he continued. “Once they lost power, the hydrocarbon base refrigerant built up and once the power was regained, all of a sudden that (ignited) — that’s probably what started the fire.”


Roger said the takeaway is certain refrigerator models should not be in fluctuating temperature areas, like a garage.