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Interpretation of "Reference Points" for NFPA 13 Calcs

Question asked by gary.lide on Feb 10, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 12, 2018 by cdafd

I am working on a US Government project in Europe in which we must meet NFPA 13 standards for our calculations but the Government stated in the proposal that they would allow us to use European contractors and would work with us on European standards.  My problem is that the European standard of our subcontractor (a major German fire suppression firm) for points of reference between the shop drawings and the calculations is pipe numbers rather than node numbers.  The nodes are individually numbered within the calculations but the software does not print out node numbers onto the drawings.  It prints out the pipe numbers instead.  MY QUESTION: Does the NFPA requirement for "reference points" between the drawings and the calculation mandate that the node numbers be included on the drawings or would pipe numbers suffice to meet that requirement?