Exit Discharge Door Safety

Discussion created by donald.zupko on Feb 15, 2018
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The unspeakable tragedy that occurred in Parkland Florida prompted thought with regard to solid panel exit discharge doors and a possible area of improvement. The NFPA standard should consider the occupants ability to assess the area for safety before opening the door.



Establish a standard that an exit egress door shall be equipped with an appropriately rated and sized vision panel to permit the occupant to visually assess the area before opening the door. This shall be achieved with an appropriately rated and sized visual panel in either the door assembly or a vertical visual panel within the frame assembly. This shall apply to all new construction and in existing structures when renovation is acted upon in an area where the exit discharge door is in scope of work or in the immediate area of renovation.



Implement an addendum to your current EAP advising;

Exit Discharge - For your personal safety, visually assess the area for any hazards or threats before completely exiting the building. 


Please advise if this topic has already been taken into consideration and if currently in publication, reference standard details for further review and discussion.

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