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Notification Allowances

Question asked by jsmith2ew on Feb 19, 2018
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Probably an age old question.

We are an I-1 behavioral health care center that houses small children 24/7. We are sprinkled and have 15 second delay maglocks on  our doors. Our center has been experiencing sometimes daily false alarms at several positions around our center. I have read comments that promotes the plastic pre-alarm covers but our children are motivated to say the least. Once removed, they won't stop until they can achieve the maximum effect and if the staff doesn't contact the monitoring center in time...they are rewarded with the rush of seeing the shiny red trucks and lights flashing!

It has been told me that in some jurisdictions that some FD's allow locking pull stations but we have been told we cannot.

I have asked to be self monitored since we are 24/7 but no.

Any thoughts on our situation would be helpful.