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Fire Alarm Speakers used for Paging

Question asked by jeremycrouse on Feb 20, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 20, 2018 by cdafd

I recently was tasked with the question of how the fire alarm notification speakers could be utilized as a paging option when I ran across the section in the annex stating the speaker circuits have to be monitored for integrity while being used for non emergency pages. Not this exact wording but exact meaning. My question is referring to whether the annex section is information to be viewed as code or standard and if it is inforced or if the main section of the NFPA is all I should have to worry about from a code standpoint. The speakers are not required to monitored for integrity while an emergency page is active by code but the annex section suggests that it should be while non emergency activation of the circuits are in play. Is the annex statements considered code just as much as the main portions of the NFPA? Most Fire Systems do not monitor speaker circuits for integrity while the speakers/amp circuits are active only while inactive.

NFPA 72 chapter 24.3.5 is the main section for this topic and NFPA 72 A is the annex section.

Any help is appreciated.