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maximum vertical distance for in-rack sprinklers

Question asked by tine.dolinsek on Feb 21, 2018
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Our design is dealing with sprinkler protection for rack storage of cartoned group A plastics. Due to a height of over 25 ft (7,6m) the arrangement drawn in Figure (b) has been chosen for single and double row racks. What is the maximum  vertical distance between in-rack sprinklers for this arrangement? My question is: Is it 10ft (3,0m) as it is defined in note nr.6?

Furthermore, in Chapter 16,  and in other case, Figure (A) (i), has been chosen. There is also a note nr.6 which defines the maximum vertical distance of in-rack sprinklers to 10ft (3,0m), but table says vertical spacing is 20ft (6,1m).

Could you correct my understanding for both cases, please? Thank you in advance.