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1901 Aerial Apparatus question

Question asked by dso333 on Feb 21, 2018

NFPA 1901 Section 8.9.4 is pretty much all about aerial apparatus with fire pumps. It continues on in to state, "If the supply hose carried has other than 2 1/2 in. NH threads... [etc requirement etc].... the thing is, nowhere in the code can I find that it actually states or lists supply hose as required equipment (nor specifications for it or whatnot). Yet it continues in multiple areas to list requirements BASED upon the fact of supply hose carried. So.... IS SUPPLY HOSE ACTUALLY A REQUIRED EQUIPMENT OR NOT? Currently our dept carries hose ONLY on the Engines (pumpers) and they supply the Aerials. But some of these 1901 Ch. 8 sections make it sound as if I'm missing something and our aerial apparatus (with fire pump) is also required to carry hose as there are specifications ABOUT the hose and yet no where stating that it actually even needs to be carried....????!!!! Assistance anyone?